Moving Business

As always, we believe in securing The Right Property At The Right Price and when considering your commercial space this equation can hold more importance than ever.

Location, price and the terms of your property purchase or new lease will all have an impact on long-term profitability whilst in the immediate term finding the right space can be a time consuming distraction, especially when property is not your realm of expertise.

Whether you are relocating or expanding your current portfolio a well-structured, streamlined and wholly-independent advocacy service saves you time, protects the ongoing productivity of your core business and optimises the long-term benefits of your move.

Optimising Your Business Relocation - Reed Group Property

At Reed Group Property we offer a full service package or bespoke solutions, providing you with support and expertise where you need it most.

Our full service or turnkey package takes all of the hassle and workload out of your relocation or expansion and includes;

  • locating your new business premises
  • negotiating the purchase or lease of the space
  • adapting the property to meet your specific business needs
  • connecting utility services
  • co-ordinating your relocation

Depending upon your individual needs, each element of this package is also available as a separate service, giving you the freedom to create a customised solution that best serves your needs.