Moving Home

Buying a property or moving home is the biggest financial commitment you will ever make.

Yet more often than not these investments are made without any independent or professional advice. When buying or selling a home, many people, with minimal negotiation skills or property expertise, believe they can get the best price or successfully negotiate against an expert real estate agent.

To help you ensure that you optimise the return and investment on your property sale and / or purchase Reed Group Property offers an advocacy service that provides you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make the right move for your existing circumstances and future ambitions.

No matter how ‘nice’ a real estate agent may be the fact remains that he, or she, is working to their own targets and these may not be aligned with your best interests.

As your advocate we bring expertise, independent information and a peace of mind that is grounded in your financial and personal goals.

Firstly we recognise the importance of finding the right property for your current circumstances and personal needs – from young families, to empty-nesters and of course, those looking to purchase their first investment property – the location, style and potential of a property must be considered within the context of your lifestyle and aspirations.

Most significantly we work to maximise your scope for financial gain through the provision of;

  • comprehensive market research,
  • current property advice,
  • and informed negotiations.

Employing the support of a property advocate saves you time, optimises your financial return and ensures  your move is completed with greater ease from start to finish.

You may decide to work with a member of our team through your entire sale and / or purchase process.  Alternatively, you can choose one or several of the “residential advocacy services” listed below.

To discuss your specific needs please contact us today.

Vendor Services

  • Pre-Sale Property Advice
  • Review and identify leading agents (including auctioneers)
  • Seek proposals from leading agents
  • Review full proposals (including estimated values, marketing campaign proposal, sales commissions fee structures, timing, nominated primary agents for campaign,etc)
  • Review estimated values against comparable sales
  • Negotiate and instruct selling agent (no split sales commission)
  • Assist with pre sale works (landscaping, minor building works)
  • Monitor open for inspection results/ attend open inspections and review agent
  • Attend auction day and assist as required (including negotiating sale amount, terms and conditions)
  • Assist with relocation / physical move / disconnection of property utility services
  • Assist with engaging conveyancers, legal practitioners etc.

Buyer Services

  • Pre Purchase Property Advice
  • Identify client property purchase criteria
  • Research and identify properties in line with criteria
  • Report on research outcome
  • Discuss purchase options & identify chosen property
  • Inspect and complete thorough assessment on property
  • Liaise with / instruct the required appropriately qualified consultants to complete reports such as condition reports, land identification survey reports etc. Note* This is of critical importance where properties are purchased “off the plan” as it is prudent to verify that the completed property accords with what has been purchased.
  • Negotiate purchase
  • Assist with relocation / physical move / connection of property utility services
  • Assist in leasing property
  • Assist with super fund property purchase
  • Assist with engaging conveyancers, legal practitioners etc.

Independence Through and Through

The majority of vendor advocate services in the market place are commonly completed on a split sales commission fee basis, where the advocate will receive a split commission from the recommended real estate agent.

This structure generally enables the advocate to provide their services to the client with no direct fee, yet binds the client within a complex web of commission and split loyalties.

Reed Group’s fee structure is totally independent.

Our fee is paid by the client directly to us. No split commission fees are received from the instructed agent or any other players within the sale or purchase process.

This transparent fee structure enables us to hold none other than your best interests at heart, providing an independent consultancy platform at all times.

To discuss how we can help you buy or sell a home for maximum return on investment contact us today.