We provide services for properties of all types and purpose.

Examples would include residential dwellings, units and development sites, retirement village residences, aged care, retail, commercial, industrial, and specialist properties (such as medical centres, child care etc).
Our strength and depth of knowledge is in the Melbourne area, for this reason Reed Group Property primarily services the area within a 50km radius of the CBD, together with the Victorian holiday destination regions (including Mornington Peninsula, Surf Coast and Phillip Island).
Our primary focus is within Victoria at this time.

However if the property you are working on is in an other State we recommend that you contact us as these are considered on a site specific basis.
Yes, we have a number of overseas clients and you can read more about our specialist services by clicking here

In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of our free no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and learn more about our services.

To book this appointment at a time an location that is convenient for you please call us directly on +61 (0)3 9239 6900.
No, we understand that time and location can cause problems for face-to-face meetings.

For interstate, international and on occasion local clients we are happy to work via email, phone and Skype.
Our range of property consultation services are offered to you either as a stand-alone service or in a package with our property purchase, relocation, selling your home and aged care and other services.

As property types and services required vary from client to client, we recommend that you contact our office to discuss your specific requirements.

Our property professionals will then create an affordable service solution that is tailored specifically to meet your needs.

And rest assured that in this transparent process all professional fees will be considered, discussed and agreed in full, prior to the instruction and commencement of works.

Purchasing Property

A Buyer Advocate, is hired to legally represent and assist a buyer during the purchase of a property.

Drawing upon their independent knowledge and experience a buyers advocate (sometimes referred to as buyer agent) works just for a buyer to source, recommend and buy the the right property at the right price.

In comparison, a selling agent works just for the seller/vendor to market and sell their property.

Neither a buyer's agent or seller's agent can act for both parties or accept a commission from both parties.
Purchasing a home or investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions we make.

And, more often than not the majority of people only complete a very small number of property purchases in their life.

With such high stakes and complex set of variable small differences in acquisition cost, sale or purchase timing and location can lead to significant differences in the final result.

Reed Group Property are real estate and property specialists. We do this day in day out across all markets, locations, property types and budgets.

As such we have learnt to identify and acquire great property and secure the best price, terms and conditions possible on behalf of our clients.

The obvious benefit to using a Buyer Advocate is the considerable saving you will make in time, stress and dollars.

More than this, we also leverage our own network to you with access to ‘Off Market’ opportunities or silent listings that buyers using traditional real estate websites and other conventional media will never see.
Firstly, it is important to feel that your advocate understands your unique set of needs and circumstances. The best advocates will start with a comprehensive briefing process where they truly listen to gain a deep understanding of your property needs.

Secondly, you are looking for a knowledgable Buyer Advocate who is able to provide you with analysis and data that accurately reflects the current state of the market alongside an understanding of realistic expectations in terms of price, availability and investment potential.

And finally, do you trust your Buyer Advocate to act on your behalf and promote your best interests? This is very important if the property is going to auction (no need for an emotional bid way above your budget) or if a ‘confidential’ property purchase is required, for example buying the property next door anonymously!
The strength of a Buyer Advocate lies in their experience and market knowledge.

Unlike traditional home-buyers, Advocate's have extensive local market experience, access to high level research software and a strong network of relationships within both the council and real estate agents.

With over 40 years experience in the market we are also well versed in 'property pitfalls' - for example immediately highlighting when property is overpriced or when the cost for renovations will over capitalise your investment.

Whilst the majority of people will only buy a handful of properties in their lifetime, as industry professional these high- value negotiations are our day-to-day business. As such Buyer Advocate's look to facts and market factors as the basis for decision and action rather than making emotive and the often more costly choices.

We are skilled negotiators and in short, we save you money by bringing all of this insider knowledge and expertise to your property purchase.
Not at all.

We have found that our service adds significant value to every level of property purchase.

Just because you may have a lower budget does not mean you will make the best possible purchase decisions and our expertise in selecting and managing a purchase on your behalf will more than offset the cost of our services.

For example, over the life of ownership, what is the cost of purchasing the wrong property, in the wrong area, at the wrong price?
Property markets rise and fall and the timing of market falls (or rises) can never be predicted with any certainty.

At Reed Group Property we only recommend long term property investment and as such rises and falls become less relevant.

The adage ‘time in the market’, not ‘timing the market’, is probably the best approach to take. Research shows that Australian property values have averaged 7-10% growth per annum over the last 100 years (even with falls and rises). If you are able to achieve growth above inflation, your property investments will always create net wealth.

Selling Property

When selling a property, an agent is appointed to list your property, market it to buyers and manage enquiries, viewings, offers and any negotiations.

By definition, a Real Estate or Selling agent is ultimately working to optimise the benefit of their own business rather than your financial gain.

A Vendor Advocate is appointed to represent you and protect your best interests.

Initially you will work with us to establish all key requirements, which Reed Group will incorporate in the selection process to identify and appoint the best real estate or selling agent for your property

And then, acting on your behalf, a Vendor Advocate will then manage the Real Estate or Selling Agents activity to ensure you, rather than the real estate agent, receive the very best outcome from your sale.
Through our specialist valuation service, Reed Group Property will provide you with wholly independent advice on the value of your property.

As opposed to an opinion from a real estate agent, which perhaps may be inflated or influenced by other circumstances, with the view to securing your property sale

We have no vested interest in encouraging you sell your property and will therefore provide you with an impartial view of the opportunity before you in the context of current market conditions.

Beyond this, using a vendor advocate saves you from the time and stress of interviewing and selecting the agents, ensure that marketing strategies are being managed effectively and provides you with a piece of mind that everything possible is being done to maximise the selling price of your home.
Yes we can.

It is well known that buying and selling property is one of the most stressful activities we undertake. In this context, it is not unusual for vendors to question their agents performance and for relationships to become difficult.  

If you feel something is not quite right, it probably isn’t, but you may be reluctant to raise or address your concerns for fear of putting the agent offside.

In these circumstances, we will undertake an audit of the agency relationship and current performance. We will identify where your expectations may not be aligned with that of the agent or where service obligations are not being fulfilled.

We can then work together to get the relationship back on track and oversee ongoing agent activity or, in the worst case, work with you to exit the relationship and appoint an alternative agent whilst avoiding or mitigating any legal or contractual implications.
If the property being sold is an investment property, your fees for Vendor Advocacy are tax deductible as a cost of sale.

If the property is your home/principal place of residence, the fees are not tax deductible.